Andalucia offers much during the winter months

One of the best times to visit the south of Spain is in February to escape northern European winter and before the area becomes too hot for comfort

It is already February, and the weeks since Christmas certainly seem to have flown by. Catalonia has been treated to a warm and mostly sunny winter so far, with temperatures sometimes reaching 17º at lunchtime. Unlike a few years ago, there have not been many days experiencing the fierce Tramuntana wind, which has been known to blow for 78 days between January and March. Almond trees are already in bud, around a month early, and many plants are healthy with many in flower. 
The mild winter in the region has allowed those who live here to spend more time than usual out of the house, enjoying long walks, cycling, golf and tennis almost every day. However, the few cloudy days that have been experienced serve as a reminder that winter is not yet over. Snow has not been unknown in March and Easter is early this year. 
"The mild winter in the region has allowed those who live here to spend more time than usual out of the house."

Heading to Andalucia

It’s this time of year, when many of those in the north spend some time down in the south, such as Andalucia – where life offers a little bit more during these winter months. The towns, such as Màlaga, are often quite busy at this time of the year as many visitors avoid the summer months when it can be unbearably hot. In fact, all of southern Andalucia will be busy as many people from northern climes spend time there during the chilly or very wet northern winters.

Spend some time in Màlaga

Màlaga is one of the key places to visit in Andalucia, and somewhere that we really recommend spending some time if you have never been. It is a great city with everything - the sea, history, culture, lovely architecture and excellent restaurants and bars. As a city, it is fairly compact and the international airport is close by; this means communications are generally excellent with fast trains connecting it to the rest of Spain. 
"The coastline of Andalucia offers long, sandy beaches."
The area around Málaga is extremely popular with expats from all over the world and of course Marbella isn’t very far away. Andalucia’s coastline offers something different - long, sandy beaches, well served by bars and chiringuitos every few paces.

Where to next?

It’s not unknown for expats to spend some time travelling around Spain and moving to different areas every couple of years –you never know what life will bring and where you will want to live!

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